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First love never die

What do you think the statement that “first love never die”? Maybe this statement is look not really but after you read this essay, you will know that first love never die. Now, if you ever falling in love, what do you feel about your first love? I am sure, the answer is variation but it’s all just ones idea, that first love is a specially in our life and difficult to forgotten. First love never die because first love always live in our heart. And I want give you three reason why first love never die.
First love is beauty. Many person feel first love is beautiful although the ending of first love is happiness or not. It is fairly because first love is really first in our life while we falling in love with someone. The all event when together is more important than it. So first love is very precious in our life. Such as my first love, I get my first love when I three grade junior high school. My life become so beautiful. I always feel happiness in everyday. All event when together is beautiful. But we still embarrassed to expression our love. This is which make first love is beautiful. Actually we feel falling in love each other but we still embarrassed to expression our love. Although my first love just hold out four month, I did not forgotten my first love in my life. First love is so beautiful.
First love is pure love. Because first love doesn’t know prurient, riches, and desirous. First love just know honesty. Honesty to dear with each other. We also cannot lie to our girlfriend/boyfriend. In our mind just love with honest and loyal. Therefore, first love is called pure love. We will not find love that like first love. First love is really pure. And first love has been giving experience love that full natural and pure for our.
First love always impressing. All of moment about first love is very impressing. And it would be save in our heart. There are not only good moment but also bad moment is very impressing. Maybe she/he is first people who get our love. And all moment with his/him is really first in our life, so each moment always carved in our heart. And really, first love not be lost in our heart, and it has own place in our heart.
So, we can conclude that first love is never die. Because first love would be always life in our heart. There are because of an event and moment that didn’t forgotten although the ending is happiness or not. First love is pure and natural. And also, we can learn from our first love that how to live a life, how to care somebody, how to take responsibilities and everything. So first love never die.
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Cara Instalasi Wordpress

1.Download wordpress dari
2.stelah itu ekstrak file tersebut.
3.sebelumya anda harus menginstall xampp pada komputer anda,jika belum dapat di download di internet.
4.setelah terinstall dengan benar kemudian masuk pada control panel klik mysql dan apache.
5.setelah itu masuk ke localhost/xampp/
6.klik security untuk membuat password root
7.setelah membuat password masuk ke localhost/xampp.phpmyadmin
8.create database terserah kasih nama apa.
9.kemudian keluar dari sitem
10. file wordpress yang telah teristall tadi masukkan dalam folder xampp/htdocs
11.kemudian buka file wp-config menggunakan notepad.
12.cari tulisan
db_…=”(tulis nama database yang telah anda buat tadi)”
name_..=”(tulis root)”
password_..=”(tulis password yang anda tulis tadi”)
14.masuk ke localhost/xampp/htdocs/wordpress/wp-admin
15.lakukan instalisasi dan wordpress siap diakses

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