Senin, 20 April 2009

Summary of “ The Old Man who moved a Mountain “

“ The Old Man who Moved a Montain “ by Andrie published Litografia Roses, 2005. The story tells about the old man who lived with his family in a remote place between two big mountains and their determination to move a mountain. The setting story in just imaginary of two big mountains The time of the story is in present time.
There are many character in this story but the character that have identify just four character, the old man, his family, young man, the gods. From the action of the story the old man is a determination, believe, certain, and consistency people. From this character he gave evidence that everything is possible. His family is obedient with old man, they sure if the old man can be change for our life. The young man is not believed with the work hard of old man can result moved a big mountain. The gods is prudently, they see work hard the old man and help him to moved a mountain.
The story starts when the old man and his family that lived in a remote place between two big mountains. The old man think that his trip when go to other place is need a lot of time an effort so he think to move a mountain. He invited his family to help him move a mountain. From their spirit and cooperatively hand in hand worked to move a mountain. They begin digging out the soil.One day the young man asked the old man that why he wasting time and energy to do a something is impossible. But the old man give a argument to young man that if He died, He still has sons,grandsons, and his generation to will continues this jobs. They have determination,willing to work hard,full of certainty and consistency. They sure One day they be able to move a mountain. On eventually the gods touched with determination and work hard the old man.then the gods concluded to helps him to move a mountain. And so it was done, the old man and his family is very happy. This story is showed that everything is possible. Don’t fell afraid to realize our dream because with determination,consistency,sure,and work hard can make everything is impossible to be possible.

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